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Whenever you decide that it is time to spruce up your home, whether that means completely refurnishing or adding accents here and there, it always ends up being a very important and time-consuming project. As it should! Finding furniture, or a new living room rug that fits perfectly is no easy task, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you will have to live with it and see it every day so you want to make sure that you make the right decision at the beginning. 

Chocolate Dual Reclining Sofa and Love seat

A living room rug, whether it’s an area piece or a full-size decorative rug, is a very fundamental and transformative piece of décor. Size, texture, color, pattern, shape and cost are all important variables that you will need to consider. You will also need to ensure that your selection doesn’t clash with existing furniture, or you may want to pick a new living room rug that is simple and can stand the test of time and changes in design. Before you make your final selection, here are a few tips to consider when looking for and choosing your new living room rug. 


Before you even begin to think about design, shape, size and color you need to start by taking your lifestyle into consideration. Think about what your priorities are – glamour or comfort? Do you entertain often? Do you have pets or children – will the rug have to endure a lot of mess or stains? It’s important to determine how you spend time in your living room and to select a rug that fits within your lifestyle. 

Size & Shape

Finding the right size rug is crucial to the overall structure and design of the entire living room. The proper size will make a huge difference in the final outlook and whether the room will look and feel balanced. A rug that is too small will make the room look unfinished, while a rug that is too large can be overwhelming and make the space feel extremely small. In a spacious living room, you will want a rug that will fit the configuration of the room and existing furniture, you may even want a large enough rug that will fit under a portion of the sofa and some furniture. 

Texture & Color

When picking out the right texture for your new living room, keep your lifestyle and function in mind. If this is a place with heavy foot traffic, if you have pets or young children then you will want an all-wool rug or a flatweave cotton rug as these can take a good beating and can be easily cleaned. Rugs with tassels or furry rugs will soil easily and can be easily damaged by pets, toys and heavy foot traffic. If, however, your living room is rarely used and is more of a sitting area for entertaining, then you can splurge on hand-knotted rugs, antique pieces or even a glamorous silk rug that is sure to leave guests feeling impressed. 

When thinking about color, you can either choose a rug that matches the existing color scheme of your living room, or you can choose to have your rug add an accent to the overall design. Darker colors and patterned rugs tend to stand the test of time, especially if you need to hide stains from red wine, pet messes or children’s markers. Brighter colors can make a small room feel more open, and deep royal hues will add an extra touch of luxury to your living room. Another interesting concept to consider is to layer rugs with similar colors or elements. Or you can pick a large solid colored rug and pair it with a smaller accent rug on top. 


Area rugs can get pricey, but it is important look for good quality and select the best rug that you can find. An area rug is a part of your décor that is meant to last, and not switched out too often. Look for materials like wool or silk, and take into consideration how much you spent on the rest of the furniture in the room – it could be a great guide for how much you should budget for a rug. 

Selecting furniture and décor for your living room is a fun experience, but it can get overwhelming. Whether you are looking for a living room set, accent furniture or decorative accessories, you are sure to find something you love at Nader’s Furniture. Contact us to learn more about our inventory, and stop by to visit so you can see what we have to offer. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our showrooms soon!

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