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Every house presents a unique layout that may sometimes be unconventional and will require you to get creative with your furniture so you can best utilize the available space. If your home has a living room that looks and feels like a long hallway, there are some fun ways to use furniture, art and design to break up the space, so you don’t feel like you are living in a bowling alley. Many times, people will choose to push up all of their furniture against one long wall, but this strategy will only highlight the shape of the room and make it feel even longer and narrower. If you’re banging your head on the wall trying to figure out how to decorate a long narrow living room, fret no more – we’ve got you covered! Read on for some tips on how to break up the space and create a perfect living room for your unique needs and lifestyle. 

Create Separate Areas

Apartment Living Rooms with Furniture

The best way to utilize a long and narrow living room is to divide up the space and create separate areas. The first thing you need to do is consider how you want to use the room – will you have two sitting areas, a dedicated office or work space with an entertaining area, one formal space for relaxing and a game space with a pool table or a combination play area for kids and a cozy couch where you can enjoy your favorite Netflix shows? The options are endless, and it all depends on your unique preferences. Once you have your designated areas defined you can further establish and break up the space with artwork on the walls and area rugs. Nothing has to be centered on a long wall, you can hang decorative art in one part of the room and an oversized mirror on the other side. You can also play around with mixing and matching different decorative area rugs to separate the areas in your long and narrow living room. 

Don’t Put All Furniture on One Side

It may be very tempting to push all your furniture up against one main wall so that the rest of the room and walkways are clear, but this strategy will only highlight the shape of the room. The best way to minimize tunnel vision is to creatively manipulate the space by tweaking the arrangement of where furniture is placed and attempt to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere that you and your guests will enjoy. 

Set Up in the Middle

Sometimes the best way to break up a long and narrow space is to float your furniture to the middle of the room. This will create a very cozy seating area and the room will still feel very spacious because it won’t be crammed with furniture up against the walls. It will also give you the opportunity to play around with eye-catching end tables, decorative rugs, bookshelves or a stunning hutch where you can display items like china, crystal and other sentimental goods. 

Get an L-Shaped Sofa

A proper sofa that perfectly fits into the corner of the room can really make great use of the space in a long and narrow living room. This Gerardo Media sofa sectional would be a perfect option to look into and it offers some exciting surprising features like a pull out piece that allows you to add a foot ottoman or creates a temporary sleeping space for guests. This type of set up will anchor one side of the room as a lounge area complete with a wall-mounted TV, while the other side of the room can be furnished with a dining room table or some beautiful accent chairs and a coffee table for a formal conversational area. 

Utilize Tall Ceilings

An expansive vertical space can make a huge difference if your living room is long and narrow. Make the most out of your tall ceilings by selecting tall bookshelves that can break up a long horizontal space. You can also draw attention upward by putting together a unique art or photo arrangement that climbs the walls towards to ceiling or installing floor-to-ceiling drapery that can create a beautiful illusion of height. 

Decorating a uniquely shaped room can be a chore and a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of creativity and access to an incredible inventory of furniture, you’ll quickly be on your way to putting together a cozy, comfortable living room space no matter the size of the room. Explore our online inventory or visit our showrooms in person for more options!

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