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When it comes to popular color palettes, we’re all too familiar with neutral beige, white and coffee shades. In recent years cooler tones like blues and greys have entered the scene and become extremely trendy. Trends come and go, but we have a feeling that the gorgeous greys are here to stay as there are numerous ways to incorporate the color into your home while tapping into newly introduced furniture and décor styles. 

Bryn GREYISH BLUE Sofa and Love Seat

The color grey is technically the halfway point between white and black, which makes it kind of a colorless and perfect neutral shade that can be paired with almost every other color or palette out there. This unique color is a great substitute for overused neutrals like white and beige, and it can quickly transform a room into an edgy and modern oasis. As it is with any other paint color you may select, there are a variety of greys to choose from, but the smooth shades can elicit all kinds of feelings from soothing and calm to vivid and energetic. Here are a few ways to incorporate gorgeous greys into your home design:

Statement Shade

Greys offer a wide spectrum of shades that work very well on their own – there are dark and light varietals that can create beautiful contrast and depth in a room. Whether you choose to use greys as the base color in your home or a dark statement shade, there’s something pretty special about the exclusive ambiance created with these paint colors. Additionally, a solid grey background creates a perfect neutral foundation for any statement pieces that you want to highlight in your home. If you have an accent table, a one-of-a-kind sofa, vintage cabinetry or a piece of art that you want to show off, set it against a grey wall to make it look grander, more glamorous and more sophisticated. 

The Best Background

Grey shades go with everything and everything looks good against it, which makes it the perfect shade to make other colors and elements in a room stand out. It is especially beautiful to pair vibrant colors like yellows, teal blues, emerald greens, oranges and reds against a solid grey backdrop. A bright piece of furniture is sure to pop in a grey room and transform a bland living room into an extraordinary living space that is comfortable and visually appealing. 

Perfectly Paired with Pastels

Pale colors like pastels paired with stark neutrals like gorgeous greys are truly a match made in heaven. For a chic design element look for dusty pinks, copper rose or rose gold options to pair with grey furniture, throw pillows or blankets. This perfect combination will bring warmth and vitality to your home. 

Works well with Wood

Grey is a very natural, yet versatile color that makes it a perfect match with other wood furniture. Warm, dark wood like walnut and mahogany will warm up for the cool tones of gorgeous greys, while a paler wood variety like oak can brighten up the room. Consider using grey shades in the kitchen and pair it with a light toned dining room table to create a stunning and aesthetically pleasing control center in your home. 

Adds Layers & Texture

If you enjoy playing around with various décor pieces and furnishings you are going to love playing around with grey interiors, especially during the cooler winter months. Look for chunky knit blankets, sheepskins and faux fur throws to layer among your furniture to create the ultimate cozy corner that you will never want to leave. 

Using greys as neutrals in your home is a wonderful way to give your home a timeless appeal, while maintaining the flexibility of being able to play around with other hues and statement décor pieces. The most important thing to keep in mind when working with a grey color palette is whether you will be working with a light or dark shade as the primary color in the space. The beauty of grey as a neutral color is that it retains its integrity and prominence in the style and décor space, so you won’t have to worry about rotating out your grey furniture or décor every other year if you are trying to keep up with the most current trends. If you are looking for design inspiration or décor ideas to incorporate into your home that feature gorgeous greys, then head over to our website and explore our products and blog. We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry and happy to bring you the latest news and trends to help you update and improve your home. 

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