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Whether you are buying a single piece of furniture or completely redecorating your entire house – there are certain do’s and don’ts of furniture shopping to keep in mind. Furniture is something that will ideally last a while and the process can sometimes be very overwhelming for shoppers. With a little planning and research, and following our tips and tricks, you can make furniture shopping a pleasant experience that will result in a beautifully decorated home. 

Nader's Carson Showroom

Do Measure

The first rule of furniture shopping is to measure, measure, measure. And it’s not always enough to measure the item you are looking to buy – you should also measure the space where you want to place it to make sure it fits as well as the door that you are planning on bringing it in through. If you live in a building, you will have to make sure the hallways, doorways and elevator will also fit the piece of furniture you are looking to buy. 

Don’t Rush

Furniture shopping is not the right time to make impulse purchases. If you are buying accessories and small décor that’s one thing, but big pieces of furniture like beds, sofas and dining room tables require a good amount of planning in advance. You want to touch, feel and experience your furniture before you commit to it – there’s nothing worse than buying a couch only to realize it’s the most uncomfortable piece of furniture you’ve ever sat on.

Do Think About Maintenance

Some high-end pieces and certain materials may require more care than you would think. For example, a wood table may need a specific polish that won’t tamper with the durability of the material. A leather couch may seem to be extremely durable, but it could scratch easy or stain, and you may need to condition the leather to maintain the color and finish. All of these are things to keep in mind as you make your ultimate furniture selection. 

Don’t Overspend

Easier said than done, but try to stay within your price range. Pick one or two items that you really want to splurge on, like a bed and a couch, and look for more wallet friendly options for the rest of your furniture. At Nader’s you can find high quality furniture at affordable prices for every room in your home – living room, bedroom, home office, dining room and more.

Do Visit a Showroom

There are many reasons why you should shop for furniture in person, but the main one would be that you can’t really tell the quality of a piece of furniture from a picture. It’s always best to look at and feel a piece before you commit to buying it. Take the time to visit a showroom where you can take your time walking around, garner inspiration from the vignettes set up throughout the store, speak with an expert who can help guide your decision making, touch and feel the fabrics and do the due diligence necessary until you feel confident with your purchase decision.  

Don’t Skip Sample Swatches

You wouldn’t paint your house a new color without testing it out first, right? Same thing goes for choosing a new couch for your home – in theory a fabric and color may sound and look great, but will it look great in your home? Will the fabric hold up to your lifestyle? Ask the showroom for a sample swatch of the fabric in your desired color and take it home so you can see what it looks like with the lighting in your home and the rest of the décor. You may have to pay a small fee for a sample, but it’s better to spend $5 on a sample than thousands of dollars on a sofa that you don’t absolutely love. 

Do Plan on Delivery & Assembly

Once you pick the perfect piece of furniture, the first question you should ask yourself is how will you take it home and how will it get inside your home? And how will it be assembled if it comes in separate pieces? This is why measuring is such an important step in the process of buying new furniture, because it would be very disappointing if you fall in love with a piece and come to realize that there’s no way it would fit through the door. 

Furniture shopping doesn’t have to be a huge pain, but it also shouldn’t be something that you do on an impulse. If you’re looking to create a specific look in your home, visit your local Nader’s showroom to explore our wide selection, and take your time until you find the perfect piece for your unique style.  

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