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Home is where the heart is, and we want each room in our home to be an inspiring and comfortable gathering space where we could enjoy quiet moments alone, as well as a place where we can invite friends and family when hosting special occasions. The best way to create inspiring gathering spaces is to look for elegant and stylish furniture and accessorize with décor that speaks to your personal design preferences. Here are a few suggestions on how to create inspiring gathering spaces in the most common rooms utilized for entertaining – the kitchen, living room, dining room and your outdoor space. 



The kitchen is the true heart of the home and the control center for the entire family. If you think about it, you probably walk through your kitchen multiple times a day and there are probably many tasks you complete in this room that are not related to cooking or dining. The kitchen is also a place where guests can gather before a meal is served, take part in the preparation, enjoy a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres and catch up on good conversation. In order to make the kitchen an inviting space you will want to incorporate a large island and pair it with creative counter stools for seating space. The stools around your counter can be selected to match your dining room table and chairs, especially if your dining room is adjacent to the kitchen. If you choose the right additions for your kitchen, then you can happily welcome your guests to be a part of the cooking experience. Kitchen islands that are equipped with plenty of storage are perfect for a family who enjoys hosting friends and family for casual occasions as well as big holiday gatherings. 

Living Room

In order to keep your living room spacious and fresh for special events, but also comfy and cozy for quiet nights in, you will want to select furniture that can be easily reconfigured and doesn’t block the entrance to the kitchen or any other functional room. Look for a comfortable sectional to anchor the sitting space and then select beautiful accent chairs or loungers for additional seating space, but to also add a unique touch to the living room that speaks to your personal design preferences. Once you’ve decided on the seating options, choose a distinctive cocktail or coffee table to serve as an eye-catching accessory, but also a functional place for guests to place their drinks. You can also use the coffee table as a place to showcase accessories and décor. Once the layout of your living room is all set, you can choose a variety of end tables, bookshelves and other unique décor items to spice up the design and act as a truly inspiring gathering space. 

Dining Room

The dining room is either regularly in use, or only utilized for special events and occasions. Either way, you can welcome friends and family to a stylish and classic dining room set up that is both inspiring and functional. Select a dining room table that can be extended with an additional leaf so you can entertain more guests, and center it in the middle of the room. Make sure to leave enough space between the table and any additional décor or furniture in the dining room so that it is easy for guests for come and go from the table as they please.


When the weather outside is pleasant you will definitely want to invite guests to the patio and entertain outdoors. You can put out a nice table and chairs, or you can select to invest in a table with a fire pit in the middle and arrange comfortable outdoor loungers that will inspire good times and good conversation well into the night. The key to putting together an inspiring outdoor gathering space is to make it intimate and provide a variety of seating options so guests can choose where to sit. Since weather can be unpredictable, you will want to make sure you have waterproof coverings for your patio furniture so you can protect it from the elements and quickly stash it away if there is a storm. 

Regardless of the room that you are looking to furnish – the living room, patio, dining room or kitchen – look for furniture that is elegant, stylish and comfortable. Look to Nader’s Furniture for unique pieces that are sure to perfectly fit in your home. We invite you to browse through our selection online and gather inspiration before making your final selection. 

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