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Is it possible to combine clean and modern design with a cozy atmosphere? Absolutely! A modern aesthetic and comforting warmth do not need to be in conflict with one another – just because you enjoy the clean look of modern design does not mean your home has to be all sharp edges and bright surfaces. In fact, it’s very easy to create glamorous, modern interiors that are also warm and comfortable. The beauty of design is that you can combine various aesthetics with different techniques like layering textures, introducing different shapes and colors and playing around with accessories and artwork. While a modern design is a distinct and trendy look, many people will believe that it can leave a room feeling cold. But modern décor doesn’t have to be stark – with just a few creative touches you can easily create a cozy atmosphere in your home with modern design. 

Start with Paint & Color

Color can set the emotional tone of a room and also lays a foundation for design without using any other materials. The base of your modern design begins with color, and it’s important to maintain a cohesive color palette and utilize colors that work well together throughout your home. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for dark greys or stark white walls – modern design is comprised of clean colors, which can be anything from greens, blues, greys and beyond. Don’t underestimate the power of strategic lighting as well, warm-toned light bulbs can add a warm ambiance to a room that will otherwise feel cold. 

Select Furniture

modern stlye tuffed button grey sofa and love seat

When putting together a cozy and modern aesthetic you have to begin by building out the flow of the room and selecting furniture. In a bedroom, the bed must be the focal point of the room without much else to distract. In the living room the focus needs to be on the main seating area. Keep in mind that the key is to let the rest of your design elements play a supporting role to the furniture rather than stealing the attention away. Modern furniture will be sleek and simple, which is perfectly ok! Choosing more minimalistic pieces will allow you to play around with more accessories and additions later on. 

Layer in Texture

The use of texture and layers – whether that is upholstery, curtains, rugs, throws and pillows – all of this together creates an interesting and complex look. There are many ways you can incorporate different layers and textures into modern design in an effort to add some warmth and comfort to the space. Floor coverings and rugs will contribute to warm and intimate spaces while curtains and window treatments can soften the light and warm up the room. Once you add in cushions, blankets and decorative pillows you can complete the look of your modern space without sacrificing comfort. As you select the items you want to layer into a room make sure they tie together well – for example, keep them all within a cohesive color palette. You can also choose decorative furniture like accent chairs, decorative floor lamps and more.

Play with Accessories

Personal touches like books, collectibles, artwork and other accessories are what give any home the feeling that a real person lives there. The accessories and décor you select for your home will also give guests an idea of who you are as a person and allow you an outlet to express your personality and your unique style preferences. An accessory is anything that adds aesthetic value to a room, this can include wall art and mirrors, candles, picture frames, plants, flowers, vases, coffee table books, decorative bowls and trays, and other décor items. The best way to select accessories is to provide variety while maintaining balance – remember that modern design is simple and by adding too much décor your space will begin to feel cluttered and messy. The beauty of decorative items and accessories is that you can switch them out as often as you would like – seasonally, in time for the holidays and just because whenever you feel you need a change. 

Cozy, modern design works really well and is very popular because it provides the best of both worlds for your home – practical functionality and minimalism without making your home feel stark and sterile. If you are ready to welcome modern, cozy design into your home visit one of our showrooms to select the perfect furniture that will lay the foundation for your new design. We look forward to welcoming you to our store and assisting you with creating the perfect aesthetic for your home.  

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