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Ottoman Pulled out and popped up View of samir media sofa

Best Transitional Sofas for Every Budget

The world of interior design is full of descriptive words and terminology used to define certain styles used in décor. You may be familiar with modern, contemporary and traditional design styles, but have you heard about transitional design? This term is relatively new and is used to combine two unique styles through cohesive design. Transitional […]

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Pet-Proof Furniture Ideas

It’s a really good thing that most people unconditionally love their pets, because they have a huge impact on our lives. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility, one that most new owners underestimate when they are out looking for a furry friend to bring home. Pets leave a lasting paw print on our hearts, […]

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Is Sharing a Bed with your Pets Putting a Pause on Good Sleep?

For many of us our pets are more than just fuzzy creatures that roam around the house on a daily basis, they quickly become an important part of the family. Pet and human relationships have greatly evolved, and many people no longer even refer to themselves as a dog or cat owner, they are now […]

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Twin/Twin Bunk Bed - White

Why Some Couples are Opting to Sleep in Separate Beds

Did you know that nearly one in four couples sleep in separate beds, or even bedrooms? There are many famous couples throughout time who have done it too – Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are rumored to have slept in separate beds while […]

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Painted Canyon Dining Set including 4 chairs and backless bench - picture view with accent piece

4 Practical Dining Sets Helping You Conquer the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and most of us are preparing our homes by decking the halls with twinkling lights and sparkly ornaments. You may be planning a gorgeous holiday table scape for your dining room as well, but beyond the décor have you thought about how practical your dining set is for hosting […]

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Beautyrest Top Fabric Touch

Shopping for My First Mattress

Whether you are moving out of a dorm and into your first apartment, or finally getting rid of your hand-me-down bed from your parent’s house shopping for your first mattress is exciting and also overwhelming. Your first mattress should be approached as a long-term investment into your sleep, health and overall happiness. You spend about […]

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Serta Mattress and Foundation Park City Firm

Does Your Mattress Need to be Replaced?

Your mattress is an essential part of everyday life, and you probably put a lot of research, time and effort into selecting the perfect one to bring home. A good mattress also comes with a significant investment, so it can be tempting to believe that it will stick around forever. Unfortunately, no matter how great […]

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Bad Sleep Advice: Tips Never to Follow

A bad night of sleep will leave us all feeling miserable. Not only that, but research shows that if we don’t get enough sleep then it can negatively affect our mental health, result in poor concentration and work performance and in the long term can increase the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s. There are so […]

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What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

There’s nothing better than settling into your cozy, comfortable bed at the end of a long day and enjoying a restful night of sleep. We spend a good chunk of our lives sleeping so that our bodies can relax, reboot and regenerate. The most important part of getting a good night’s sleep is to have […]

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Using Fabrics to Create Style

The world of interior design is endless and constantly transforming with new trends, new materials and new ways to add personality to your home. There are many different ways you can design and decorate every room in your home with furniture, paint, accessories, décor and so much more. But today we’re going to talk about […]

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Twin Bed on Top Full Bed on Bottom

Top Ten Beds for Vacation Homes

Whether you need to outfit an additional guest room in your home or looking for bed solutions for your new vacation home, we’ve got you covered. No matter where your vacation home is located – the beach, a cozy cabin in the woods or smack in the middle of the desert – this is your […]

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Love Farmhouse Style

The classic farmhouse décor style is more popular than ever and features comfy, cozy accents and is full of charm. While modern trends are still very dominant, farmhouse style is for people who are looking to blend tradition and modern aesthetics and to surround themselves with things that evoke positive feelings. Classic farmhouse style brings […]

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Basket Styles

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re so versatile that they really look great in any room in your home. It doesn’t matter what you use them for – even if you leave them empty – baskets are a tried and true solution for décor and storage. You can use baskets to hold […]

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Best Place to Buy Furniture in Long Beach

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating a new home or redecorating an existing room that needs a pick-me-up. Collecting design inspiration, taking measurements, making color palette decisions, selecting décor and looking for accessories can be so much fun – but it can also be very time consuming and overwhelming. Bouncing around from store to store […]

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Rock Platform Storage Bed White Wash Finish

Make Your Bed

Do you remember the days when your parents would nag you to make your bed? Do you remember thinking that making the bed was a waste of time and a pointless task, because it would just get messed up again? Well now that we’re adults, making the bed can still prove to be a tedious […]

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