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Rock Platform Storage Bed White Wash Finish

Make Your Bed

Do you remember the days when your parents would nag you to make your bed? Do you remember thinking that making the bed was a waste of time and a pointless task, because it would just get messed up again? Well now that we’re adults, making the bed can still prove to be a tedious […]

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Gel Bliss Pillow

Pillow Problems

Can you think of one thing that you spend an intimate eight hours with every single day? It’s your pillow! Your pillow is your best buddy every night when you get ready to (ideally) enjoy an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep, which also means that it has a great effect on the quality of sleep […]

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Bryn GREYISH BLUE Sofa and Love Seat

Gorgeous Greys

When it comes to popular color palettes, we’re all too familiar with neutral beige, white and coffee shades. In recent years cooler tones like blues and greys have entered the scene and become extremely trendy. Trends come and go, but we have a feeling that the gorgeous greys are here to stay as there are […]

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Clear Glass Component Shelf

Focus on Floating Shelves

Additional shelves – in any way, shape or form – are a wonderful addition to your home. Whether the purpose of installing shelving is purely for design and décor, or you need the extra space to tidy up your home, you can choose various types of shelving to accomplish your goal. The best part about […]

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Terra Swing Outdor Patio Lounge Chair

Front Porch Envy

Living in Southern California means that we get to enjoy great weather for the majority of the year, and many people enjoy spending a good amount of time in their backyard. Homeowners are notorious for creating incredible backyard havens with stunning design, unique features and beautiful furniture and accessories. But, did you know that you […]

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Chairs That Work

The average working adult spends an incredible amount of time sitting in a chair – at 40 hours per week that averages to more than 1,900 hours over a single year! Whether you log long hours at a corporate office day after day or spend your day running a business from your home office, it’s […]

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modern stlye tuffed button grey sofa and love seat

6 DIY Hacks to Spruce Up Your Living Room

The living room is a very important room in a home – this is where families spend time together relaxing, unwinding, watching movies and favorite TV shows together and where friends gather to celebrate special moments. Many people place their focus on renovating a kitchen or their bathrooms, leaving the living room outdated and in […]

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PU breathable fabric power gliding swivel recliner with led light

Top Four Benefits of Using Recliners

Reclining chairs, or the recliner, has many other names and has been previously called an armchair, chaise lounge and super chair among many other things. This chair has a very long history and has been used for years as a necessity in man caves, particularly for sports. You may be interested in learning that this […]

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Espresso Table with 4 stools and a bench

Furniture Care

When you buy a new car or an expensive new pair of shoes, you’re probably going to take really good care of your new belongings to ensure that they are well maintained so they can look good and last a long time, right? It shouldn’t be any different with your furniture – a new living […]

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Furniture Construction

When it comes to buying new furniture, we all have many options to choose from. There are certain thing we have to keep in mind before going shopping – what is your style, what are your needs, what is your budget? Once you have the answers to these basic questions then you can decide on […]

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Nader's Carson Showroom

Do’s and Don’ts of Furniture Shopping

Whether you are buying a single piece of furniture or completely redecorating your entire house – there are certain do’s and don’ts of furniture shopping to keep in mind. Furniture is something that will ideally last a while and the process can sometimes be very overwhelming for shoppers. With a little planning and research, and […]

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Newbury Accent Stand

Grand Entrances

First impressions count. When someone steps into your home, their attention will immediately focus in on their surroundings, the style, the décor and the interior design. Your front entrance and the entry area of your home is the first opportunity to showcase your unique personality and preferences. From the décor that you have selected to […]

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Rapture Circular Outdoor Patio Daybed Set

Outdoor Oasis

Living in Southern California means that we get to enjoy warmer weather more often than the rest of the US. Now that we’ve jumped into spring and the handful of rainy, cold days are behind us, we can start looking forward to more sunshine and beautiful blue skies once again. Spending time outdoors is a […]

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Multi-Functional Pieces and Spaces

Home design is significantly changing as homeowners are looking for more multi-functional rooms and furniture. In the era of open floor plans, you will often see kitchen islands doubling up as a work station or as the main dining area and a home office may also be set up as a guest bedroom. Whether your […]

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Accent Chair in Navy Blue Fabric

Using Fabrics to Create Style

Adding fabric into your design aesthetic is a great way to showcase color, patterns and charm. Playing around with fabric while you decorate can soften a room, make it feel cozy and complete your desired aesthetic. Fabric is simply defined as any woven material – where different threads come together to create one larger piece […]

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