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Rapture Circular Outdoor Patio Daybed Set

Outdoor Oasis

Living in Southern California means that we get to enjoy warmer weather more often than the rest of the US. Now that we’ve jumped into spring and the handful of rainy, cold days are behind us, we can start looking forward to more sunshine and beautiful blue skies once again. Spending time outdoors is a […]

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Multi-Functional Pieces and Spaces

Home design is significantly changing as homeowners are looking for more multi-functional rooms and furniture. In the era of open floor plans, you will often see kitchen islands doubling up as a work station or as the main dining area and a home office may also be set up as a guest bedroom. Whether your […]

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Accent Chair in Navy Blue Fabric

Using Fabrics to Create Style

Adding fabric into your design aesthetic is a great way to showcase color, patterns and charm. Playing around with fabric while you decorate can soften a room, make it feel cozy and complete your desired aesthetic. Fabric is simply defined as any woven material – where different threads come together to create one larger piece […]

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Top 10 Beds for Vacation Homes

In today’s modern world, websites and services like Airbnb, VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner), HomeAway and numerous other sites allow people to book lodging during a vacation that isn’t a hotel – are becoming increasingly popular. Airbnb alone claims more than two million listings of vacation home rentals worldwide, and users are renting these properties […]

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Montreal Square Accent Table

Accent Tables as Statement Pieces

A distinctive piece of furniture can serve as an accent anywhere in your home and be the focal point of any room. The most important thing is to take your time picking the right item – whether that’s a rug, a chair, a light fixture, a piece of art or a table. What makes an […]

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Designing for Millennials

The millennial generation, a group born between the early 80s and late 90s, is one that is constantly up for discussion. Also known as Generation Y, this group has been labeled as demanding, impatient, entitled and extremely social, but their opinions, wants and needs are also creating a significant shift in how products are manufactured, […]

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Creating Inspiring Gathering Spaces

Home is where the heart is, and we want each room in our home to be an inspiring and comfortable gathering space where we could enjoy quiet moments alone, as well as a place where we can invite friends and family when hosting special occasions. The best way to create inspiring gathering spaces is to […]

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2019 Furniture Color Trends

The easiest way to update and refresh a room is to switch up the color palette. Design trends are changing month-to-month and year-over-year, and we’re excited to share the current 2019 furniture color trends and some design inspiration for the new year. Whether you have a big or small space, prefer cool and muted colors, […]

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Top 6 Furniture Removal Tips for Hassle Free Move

Whether you are moving across the street or across the entire country, packing up your belongings and getting furniture ready for a move, or completely removing it, can be stressful and difficult. Although it’s always nice to employ the services of good friends and family to assist in the process of moving, it’s always best […]

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Ava Accent Chair

Tasteful Ways to Incorporate Florals Into Your Home

Flowers and floral patterns have the power to add some life and a fresh ambiance into any space, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Incorporating florals tastefully can really make it feel refreshed and adds a unique charm to the room that is being decorated. Using floral patterns in decor and accessorizing with flowers doesn’t necessarily […]

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Santos Living Room Set in Charcoal Performance Fabric

How to Select Your New Living Room Rug

Whenever you decide that it is time to spruce up your home, whether that means completely refurnishing or adding accents here and there, it always ends up being a very important and time-consuming project. As it should! Finding furniture, or a new living room rug that fits perfectly is no easy task, and one that […]

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Tips on Buying the Perfect Recliner for Dad This Holiday Season

Is there anything better than lounging in a comfortable recliner after a long day? There’s no one that deserves some pampering more than Dad this holiday season, and if you’ve decided to buy Dad the perfect recliner then there are a few things you will have to consider before you make a decision. Even with […]

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Designing a She Shed

Is there anything better than having a special place to retreat to and relax after a long day? Men have their man caves, and now women can have a personalized she-shed where they can have some space to themselves. Designing a she shed presents a unique interior design opportunity, because there is so much that […]

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Designing a Man Cave

What is a man cave? This is a room or space in the home that is dedicated to the man in the house and decorated per his taste. This room is meant to be used as a personal area for hobbies, leisure and entertaining. The main goal is for a man cave to serve as […]

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3 Practical Ways to Maximize Your Attic Space

Do you feel like you are always running out of space to store your belongings? No matter how spacious and big your home may be, it often seems like there is never enough room to meet your needs. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a hobby space, a quiet office, a play area, a man […]

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