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Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re so versatile that they really look great in any room in your home. It doesn’t matter what you use them for – even if you leave them empty – baskets are a tried and true solution for décor and storage. You can use baskets to hold toys, magazines, fresh produce, collect knick knacks so they’re not thrown around the house and so much more. There are so many different basket styles to choose from – you can narrow down your choice by color, size, material and more. Baskets offer a chic storage solution that adds warmth and texture to your home while also keeping the mess to a minimum and the clutter out of sight. No matter what you are trying to achieve you are sure to find the perfect basket and style to complete your home décor. Check out some of the most common and popular basket styles used as décor in every room of the home. 

Woven Baskets

Small, medium or large baskets that are woven from natural materials like seagrass and rattan are extremely durable and versatile. The bigger the basket, the pricier it will be, but you can store a wide range of items in a large woven basket like bulky blankets, throw pillows, toys, etc. Woven baskets come in just about every size and color and they hold their shape well even if you cram them into a crowded closet. 

Matching Sets

If you’re trying to give your bookshelves a more organized look you’ll love the look of matching baskets. Most matching sets are available in an array of different colors so you can find the exact style to match your décor. When choosing baskets for organization make sure that they are shallower than the depth of your shelves so that they don’t hang off the edge. You will also want to give yourself some room between the top of the basket to the shelf above so you can take the basket out easily without things catching. Baskets that are woven from a sturdy material will be able to easily hold a number of small items without bulging or losing their shape. A matching set of baskets will give your space a clean and tidy look while keeping all of your important items close by. 

Oversized Baskets

A large sturdy basket with handles can be a wonderful addition to your home that can also double up to help you move heavy items from one room to the next. Choose a sturdy basket to position next to your fireplace as a beautiful option for fire wood storage. You can take the basket outside when it’s ready to be refilled and bring back new wood inside without worrying about the basket breaking or bending under the heavy weight. A basket that features an open weave allows for air to flow through, so you don’t have to worry about moisture being trapped among the firewood as it sits next to the fireplace. 

Multi-Purpose Baskets

Baskets are a great option to use as décor and to hide away clutter, but they also serve other purposes – have you considered using a woven basket as a laundry bag? The usual plastic laundry baskets aren’t the most attractive items and they can be bulky and impractical as you try to navigate through a narrow door or staircase. Consider selecting a sturdy woven basket with a liner to hold and transport your laundry. There are baskets specifically designed for this purpose and you can even find some that have two individual compartments so you can separate your light and dark clothing. You can easily remove and wash the liner if you need to, and the lids on top of the basket means that no one ever has to look at your dirty clothes!

If you’re looking to incorporate baskets into your home décor, you’ll find that there are so many different basket styles and colors to choose from. There are coiled baskets, plaited options, woven and wicker baskets. You can buy baskets made from natural materials or more affordable ones that are made of plastic, metal or fabric. No matter what basket style you choose, you will find that this is a simple way to add a special touch to your home, enhance your décor and put away the clutter so your home feels organized. For more design inspiration and home décor ideas follow our blog, and visit our showroom for beautiful furniture options for every room in your home. 

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