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Montreal Square Accent Table

A distinctive piece of furniture can serve as an accent anywhere in your home and be the focal point of any room. The most important thing is to take your time picking the right item – whether that’s a rug, a chair, a light fixture, a piece of art or a table. What makes an accent table a statement piece? The table has to be very unique, feature original form, play with color or texture and be made out of interesting materials. Now, your accent table doesn’t have to employ each of these characteristics, all it takes is one unique element to turn a traditional table into a statement piece and conversation starter. 

Accent tables in your living room can be multi-functional – from an end table that provides the stage for beloved photos to a coffee table that holds magazines and remote controls. Tables come in a range of shapes and sizes and where they are placed can make a big difference in the aesthetic of the room. 

You may wonder what exactly makes a table an accent table. While a regular table and an accent table have similar features in terms of construction, or even crafted from the same materials – there are specific differences in function, size and shape. Accent tables, while functional, are predominantly intended to complement interior design and to add texture or color to the room. Variety is the most attractive characteristic for accent tables – you should look for unique styles, interesting materials, varying heights and shapes. An accent table as a statement piece can stand out as a piece of décor in any room in the home. 

Once you’ve chosen your accent table, it’s time to make it work in your home with the existing layout and design. Here are some tried and true tips to make an accent table as a statement piece work in your home. 

Back to Basics

If you’re not sure where to place your colorful accent table, then take a look at what other colors will serve as a complement. Décor doesn’t have to be the same color to match, if there is a color or tone in your accent table that matches a specific painting, throw blanket or sofa then place it there as a complementary color pairing. 

Mix It Up

Opposites not only attract, but they can look great together. If you have a light or glass statement table then mix it up next to dark furniture. A busy design will look great and stand out in a minimalistic space. If you get creative and try something new, it’ll make the room look interesting and ensure that your beautiful accent piece stands out. 

Let It Stand Out

An accent table as a statement piece needs to be given the freedom to shine on its own. What does this mean? It means that if you include multiple other unique items or statement décor in one room then none of them will stand out. If you want one specific item to stand out, then you want to keep the rest of the décor simpler, so the room doesn’t end up being too overwhelming. 

Focus on the Focal Point

Placement is so key when choosing an accent table as a statement piece. You don’t want to hide it in the background, but you also don’t want it to be front and center where it sticks out too much. Look for a way to seamlessly integrate your accent table into its surroundings so that it makes a statement without being overbearing. 

Pay Attention to Scale

Depending on the size of your accent table, you will want to make sure that it’s not much larger than the rest of your furniture, but also not significantly smaller, otherwise it won’t stand out. Sizing and decorating to scale are important to ensure that your statement piece is actually eye-catching and doesn’t throw the rest of the décor off balance. 

Don’t Be Afraid

If you have your eye on a specific accent table that you absolutely love, but it’s obviously a statement maker, don’t be afraid to buy it. There is always a way to make eye-catching pieces stand out in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you love it, it will work out!

Decorating with statement pieces is exciting and fun, and it can really add a little extra something to your home. There are so many styles, colors, materials and options to choose from, which can be overwhelming. Our advice is to really take your time exploring different accent tables before you make a final decision. After all, you definitely want it to work within your home. You can always contact us, or visit a showroom, to explore the available options we have on hand. 

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