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The living room is a very important room in a home – this is where families spend time together relaxing, unwinding, watching movies and favorite TV shows together and where friends gather to celebrate special moments. Many people place their focus on renovating a kitchen or their bathrooms, leaving the living room outdated and in need of some TLC. If you’re ready to make some changes to your living room, but on a tight budget, then check out these 6 DIY hacks to spruce up your living room. 

modern stlye tuffed button grey sofa and love seat


Candles are a very versatile décor item that add ambiance and a delicious smell to your home at any time of year. Lighting a single candle in your living room will instantly transform the room into a cozy retreat where you can relax and enjoy some quiet time or entertain friends and family. If you have a fireplace that you never actually use, you can easily display candles of various heights to achieve a rich warm glow without worrying about the headache of dealing with fireplace maintenance later on. We recommend using candles that are similar in color for a very aesthetically pleasing design. 

Fluff Up Cushions

Do you remember when you first purchased your sofa and the cushions were full, fluffy and perfect? There is nothing worse than sitting on a couch with sad, saggy cushions. If it’s been a few years and your couch is losing some of the plushness that made you originally fall in love you can easily refill the cushions with synthetic stuffing! Before you spend thousands of dollars on a brand-new piece of furniture, look into creative ways to restore it back to its original glory so you can enjoy a few more years of comfortable lounging. 

Update Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables and accent tables are not cheap. If you’re ready for a new look, but not ready to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new table, then look into switching out the legs of your existing furniture. You can very easily transform the look of a basic coffee table, sofa or accent chair by switching out the legs and creating a brand new, eye-catching piece of furniture that you can enjoy for a few more years. 

Decorate with Wine Bottles & Mason Jars

Instead of throwing away your wine bottles keep them so you can utilize them in creative DIY home décor. Once you’re done enjoying your favorite bottle of pinot, pull out your craft box and paint the bottle with interesting colors. Once it dries out you can put some fresh flowers and place DIY flower vases all over your home for fresh, floral décor that speaks to your unique taste and pays tribute to your creativity. If you happen to have some empty mason jars lying around, you can also use these pieces for even more DIY living room décor. Some ideas to consider include creative candle holders, storage for knick knacks, tissue dispensers, mini succulent holders and more. For more DIY ideas using wine bottles or mason jars head over to Pinterest for some fabulous inspiration. 

Accessorize with Throw Pillows

Is there such a thing as too many throw pillows? Accessorizing your couch and living room chairs with throw pillows takes beauty and décor to a whole new level. You can choose pillows in unique colors and fabrics that add luxury and sophistication to your space, and you can even look for seasonally inspired prints to elevate your holiday décor. 

When in Doubt, Paint

The easiest way to spruce up your living room is to simply give it a fresh coat of paint. Whether you paint the walls the same color, choose an eye-catching hue for an accent wall or completely change up game with an abstract design, painting a room gives it a completely different feel. Once you finish painting you may also feel inspired to pick out new throw pillows to match the new color, make some changes in furniture placement or add in new accent rugs to give your living room a brand-new look!

Decorating can be extremely overwhelming and very expensive. If you’re in need of a quick fix or a subtle adjustment in your living room think of different ways to creatively make a change. Adding a new accent table, throw rug or hanging a new picture or painting are also great ideas that will make an impression. If you’re looking for more ideas to spruce up your living room, visit one of our showrooms for exceptional design inspiration!

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