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It’s that time of year when everything around us begins to freshen up – the days are longer, the weather begins to warm up and soon enough the trees and flowers will be full of color. As the outside world prepares for spring, how will you welcome the season into your home? In this post we will outline 5 super quick ways to bring spring into your living room, and how to utilize these décor tips to make your home feel fresh. You don’t need to completely redecorate or take on any big DIY projects – even the smallest changes can make a really big difference. 

1. Take time to declutter

The first step to preparing for spring is undergoing some serious spring cleaning. There is nothing that can make your home feel lighter and cleaner than taking the time to deep clean, declutter and reorganize every room, nook and cranny. Take the time to wash your curtains, air out the rugs, dust all light fixtures and scrub your home top to bottom – this will really bring spring vibes into your house. This is also a wonderful time to go through your closet, pantry, garage and any other room in the home you utilize as storage to clear things out, separate items into donation bins and get rid of unnecessary belongings that you no longer need or use. As you clean out your home from clutter, you can also take this time to organize your space. Take advantage of decorative baskets, storage containers and labels to ensure that everything is put away and that you know what is stored where. 

2. Update accessories & decor

When the holiday season comes around many of us will rush to our nearest home décor stores to pick up seasonal items to place around the house. This includes seasonal flower arrangements and wreaths, artwork, throw pillows, blankets, kitchen and hand towels and more. Take this time to switch out the accessories and décor in your living room with bright and fresh selections. You can easily hang new curtains or drapes in pastel colors, select soft and beautiful throw pillows (or just replace the pillow cover) with matching linens to drape over your sofa and explore various décor options and flower arrangements for your coffee table

3. Bring home fresh flowers & greenery

Fresh flowers and green plants will instantly freshen up any room in your home! Whether you cut fresh blooms from your garden or you venture out to your nearest nursery or farmer’s market for a beautiful floral arrangement you can display them anywhere in your living room for the ultimate spring vibes. You can also include a selection of faux and real plants to introduce some greenery into your living room. If you are bringing home new plants make sure to read up on how take care of them properly – you need to ensure they will receive properly lighting, comfortable temperature and remember to water them. 

4. Introduce a new, fresh scent

One of the easiest ways to bring spring into your living room, and into your home, is by introducing a new fresh scent. There are so many options to choose from – lavender, roses, peonies – even fresh linens smell so good and will keep the room feeling light, bright and spring-like. You can use candles, plug-in scent diffusers or even spray-on scents. No matter what you choose, when your home smells like spring it will keep everything else feeling light and fresh. 

5. Lighten up 

The first few months of the year are clouded in remaining gloom and cold of winter, so when spring rolls around take the time to lighten everything up in your living room. Get rid of any heavy textures, colors or décor items that are weighing everything down. Select light and airy linens, consider a fresh coat of paint in a light color, open up the blinds and curtains to let in bright natural light and look out for lighter accents. 

Every season brings new inspiration to do something new and different, even the smallest change like reorganizing the accessories in your living room can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the room. Springtime is synonymous with cleaning and there’s no better way to kick off this part of the year than with a deep clean and a few simple additions to really display the mood of the season. If you’re looking for more inspiration on furniture, décor and accessories for your home please follow our blog, or contact us to explore our incredible inventory. 

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